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The cares


  by les Sens de Marrakech 


Traditional Black soap scrub-  45 min 250 dhs 

Eliminates toxins, helps regain skin soft and silky.

Scrub + Wrap soap Ghassoul- 1h 350 dhs

Ghassoul: Ecological natural mineral clay



 Relaxing Massage-1h  350 dhs 

Strokes and gentle pressure with argan oil, soothing, release all tension from the body

Deep tissues Massage-  1h 400dhs 

Deep and pressures shaping argan oil, balances your energy and stimulates your muscle tone

Oriental  Massage-1h   450 dhs 

Soft and deep pressure with hot pouches “Khemoussa” Soothing, stimulating combination hot oils and aromatic plants

Massage with hot Oussadas- 1h  450 dhs 

Massage using Oussadas, millet seeds cushions steam heated frees energy, ideal for osteoarthritis and back pain

Cleopatra Massage- 1h   450 dhs 

Massage combines the scrub and oil care and coconut, ideal for dry skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Chocolate Massage- 1h  450 dhs 

Massage care in the cocoa powder and sweet almond oil, purifying,moisturizer, improves circulation, helps to find the right mood.

Foot Reflexology- 30 mn   200 dhs 

Pressure reflexology, massage, energizes the body, improves blood circulation, relieves tension.

Back Massage-30 mn   200 dhs

Modeling massage that releases accumulated tension

Facial Massage-20 mn   130 dhs 

Massage circulates the blood and stimulates the blood and lymphatic system, releases facial tension

Hot Stone Massage-1h  450dhs 

The placing hot stones on the chakras, remove energy blockages, Massage with these volcanic rocks on the meridians associated with essential oils stimulates vital energy



 Body care «  Between  Sea and Desert »-1h30   600 dhs      

Scrub with sea salt, desert sand with argan oil massage with hot khemoussas, deep cleanses, soothes sore muscles.

« Parenthèse » perfect skin- 1h   450 dhs 

Clay wrap, scrub with rice powder, purifying treatment, moisturizing and nourishing.



Balancing Care Combination skin- 1h  500 dhs  

Care to extract date, shea butter, mango, argan oil, prickly pear seed oil, hyaluronic acid, regenerating, moisturizing and anti-aging.

Moisturizing dry mature skin and dehydrated-1h 500 dhs  

Taking care of argan oil base, oil of prickly pear seeds, aloe vera extract, repairs, restructures and fight against aging.



 Manicure care-  45 mn 150 dhs

Pedicure care-  1h  250 dhs

Laying varnish o french manicure-   50 dhs



 Eyebrow waxing-   50 dhs

Half legs waxing-   100 dhs

Waxing full legs-  150 dhs

Waxing half arms-  70 dhs 

Waxing full arms-  100 dhs

Waxing armpit-  70 dhs



 Bien –être  1h30   500 dhs

Hammam scrub soap, massage

Oriental     1h 45    600 dhs

Oriental Hammam scrub soap, wrap Ghassoul and Oriental massage

 Shéhérazade    3h30   1100 dhs

Hammam scrub soap, Ghassoul wrap, hot Oussadas Massage, Facial, manicure

Aladin  3h   800 dhs

Hammam  scrub soap, Massage Tonic, Facial, manicure